What’s the Allure?

In the 1970s, Cancún was developed (on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico) to rival popular holiday spots, Acapulco. Although the developers were ambitious in their planning, they never dreamed that this once sleepy fishing village would become the party phenomenon that it is today. Situated along the “Mexican Caribbean”, Cancún boasts pristine white beaches, optimal weather, Mayan artifacts and a legendary nightlife that keeps it bustling with fun-loving visitors.

Points of Interest:

One would think that the infamous festive environment that is synonymous with Cancún would be enough to justify the staggering four million visitors it hosts per year. Truth be told, the other main reason travelers swarm here is for the fascinating Mayan temples and ritual sites. Two locations of note include the 16th century Mayan Temple and the archeological wonder Zona Arqueológica El Rey which features authentic ceremonial platforms.
On the more whimsical side, two visits worth a peek are the Underwater Museum, which plans to “house” over 400 aquatic statues and the Isla Mujeres Turtle Farm, which serves as a protective sanctuary for turtles that are vulnerable to prey.


During the day, Cancún is filled with a plethora of water-related activities to suit just about every profile. Adventurous travelers can arrange to swim amongst the friendly dolphins or take a thrilling dive surrounded by menacing-looking sharks. For more laid back visitors, popular options include snorkeling or sailing. Other activities that are not related to the sea (but can be equally stimulating) are hummer rides through jungle terrains and zip lining.

The nightlife atmosphere can be anything from a few drinks at one (or several) of the trendy bars to an all-out fiesta at the hottest local dance clubs. What else can you expect from a place that promotes a tour based on six hours of club-hopping? Only in Cancún.

Why We Love it:

Admittedly, with its round-the-clock party atmosphere, Cancún is not for everyone. That said, it is precisely that unique never-ending energy that makes this resort stand out as the destination of choice for worldwide merrymakers. Like many other party locations (Europe has Ibiza, Asia has Koh Phangan and the Middle East has Dubai), we felt it only fitting that the Americas needed to be represented as well.


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