Hi, I’m Russell, founder, and author of the blog. I am an accountant by profession and heart scraper, I love to travel and discover new cultures, fill me with experiences that help me improve my life. The purpose of the blog is to tell you about our adventures and thus encourage you to improve your relationship.

The idea of ​​the Blog came to us after reading a very motivating page that invited you to take a risk, to leave your comfort zone and bet on doing something new, different and why not, on the internet.

After deciding to venture into the blog, our question began, now that we talk, after meditating a lot and since we want this to be something to relax, we decide our theme, love, and travel.

Love , because we are very much in love and that is what drives us to continue working, striving day by day, to achieve not only our dreams but to be a grain of sand for the achievement of our partner’s dreams, so here we will tell you Many of our experiences and we hope to contribute positive things to your relationship.

Travel, because we love knowing new places, new people, accumulating memories, living endless experiences together, this has led us to be better people, since we have not stayed in the usual bubble, but we have learned to value much more our world and its people.

Join us in this two-way adventure and motivate yourself to be better every day.