What’s the Allure?

Cabo San Lucas is much more than the legendary nightlife spot that it has been for decades. Located on the southern tip of the California Baja Peninsula in Mexico, “Cabo” (as it is widely known) boasts pristine beaches, optimal weather, and a busy port that features sport fishing and scuba-diving. Furthermore, with its stunning landscape and world-class dining, it will most certainly maintain its place as a top holiday destination for future generations to come.

Points of Interest

Gorgeous scenery aside, Cabo offers a number of options for land-loving history buffs. The Museo de Cabo San Lucas exhibits both archaeological remains and natural history artifacts while the church, aptly named Inglesia de San Lucas features stone architecture from the 18th century. Even a nostalgic walk through the city’s old town can delight travelers with some interesting discoveries; the main square, Plaza Amelia Wilkes, spotlights both a chicken topiary and the skeleton of a whale.

As a coastal town advantageously overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Cabo’s fresh seafood is by far the most popular cuisine. Although many types of seafood preparations are offered, Sushi is widely favored in many of the seaside eateries as are spicy Mexican-inspired dishes and sauces.


As could be expected, there are plenty of water-related activities available in Cabo. From leisurely snorkeling, sailing and fishing to more active water sports such as surfing, kayaking and water skiing – dozens of aquatic offerings can be found at this exciting destination. Nature lovers can equally delight in outdoor pleasures include hiking, biking or riding jeeps rides through Baja’s picturesque desert canyons.

By night the city seems to come alive as a wide assortment of bars, restaurants and clubs enthusiastically play the latest music. The energy is pulsating as revelers sip on margaritas as a warm-up to all night dance parties destined to last until dawn.

Why We Love it

Despite its steady growth in popularity over the last few decades, Cabo San Lucas still retains a bit of the easy-going charm of its original inception as a fishing port. It may be the second-largest resort area in Mexico, but to many visitors, the simple pleasure of enjoying a cocktail as the sun sets on paradise is still a viable option at this breathtaking destination.


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