Lions, hyenas live cutthroat lives

Director learns just how artificial zoo life is for predators. By JASON JACOBS Potawatomi Zoo Stories from March 2, 2005 OKAVANGO DELTA, Botswana — Some people have the impression that predators have an easy life, sleeping away most of the day, lifting their head long enough to hunt a gazelle or a zebra for […]

Animal lover finds his nirvana

Potawatomi Zoological Society official in Botswana. By JASON JACOBS Potawatomi Zoo Stories from February 27, 2005 OKAVANGO DELTA, Botswana — I crept through the tall grass. Horseflies buzzed all around me. I swatted at them quietly. I had to be careful not to make too much noise so as not to scare away the […]

About Cancun Mexico: Ultimate Travel Destinations

What’s the Allure? In the 1970s, Cancún was developed (on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico) to rival popular holiday spots, Acapulco. Although the developers were ambitious in their planning, they never dreamed that this once sleepy fishing village would become the party phenomenon that it is today. Situated along the “Mexican Caribbean”, Cancún boasts pristine […]

Facts About London: The diversity is evident in popular activities

What’s the Allure? London has proudly earned the distinction of being one of the most visited cities in the world. The diversity is evident in popular activities; visitors can indulge in the centuries-old stories as told by guides at the iconic landmarks, or discover modern art at top museums. They can elect to chat with […]

Jamaica is the perfect Caribbean destination

What’s the Allure? Jamaica is a proud island nation located in the Caribbean Sea and well–known for its superior coffee, diving reefs, and deeply-rooted African heritage. Additionally, its tropical climate and diverse ecosystem provide the scenic island with a healthy abundance of plant and animal life. Visitors wishing to experience all that Jamaica has to […]

Top outdoor sports activities to do

Shopping does not distract you anymore and you want to enjoy your free time otherwise. You fell well, we had fun making the list of the best possible outdoor sports activities to be done on weekends. Whether it’s rain or shine, rain or shine, you’ll find something out that’s right for you here. Dear athletes, […]