What’s the Allure?

Gran Canaria forms part of the Canary Islands archipelago and is situated in the Atlantic Ocean, just off the northwestern coast of Africa. Despite a variety of different landscapes — including green forests, mountains and desert terrain – and being known predominately for its holiday beach culture, it stands out as the only island in the Canaries with new areas still left to explore. This is excellent news for savvy travelers looking for a little more than just a getaway vacation to bask in the sun.

Points of Interest

Gran Canaria features a plethora of tempting visits designed for travelers wanting to learn more about the island’s history. A good place to start is the main museum Museo Canario which hosts the largest collection of Cro-Magnon skulls in the world or Casa Colón (Columbus House) , — a fine example of local architecture — that houses detailed accounts of the celebrated explorer’s adventures.

Visitors preferring the outdoors will be pleased to discover the national park known as Parque Nacional de Garajonay, featuring a wonderful display of flora and ancient forests. Meanwhile, the Camel Safari Park La Baranda provides guests with a unique experience; touring a beautiful palm-tree filled property on camelback.

Although fish prepared using a variety of methods is an island specialty, Gran Canaria has adapted well to the culinary expectations that come with being a top vacation destination; just about every world cuisine can be found here, at prices that will suit all budgets. Come sundown, the eclectic mix continues at the capital town of Las Palmas with laid back terrace bars, elegant lounge venues and a select number of nightclubs available to patrons seeking to make the most of their stay.


If relaxing on white sandy beaches doesn’t suffice, consider renting a car and setting aside a few days to more completely explore this magnificent jewel of an island. For the more athletically inclined, there exists a comprehensive selection of outdoor activities guaranteed to get your blood pumping and create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you prefer to hike, go horseback riding or partake in any water sport under the sun, Gran Canaria will fulfill your every need.

Why We Love it

Gran Canaria boasts a rich archeological history and is considered to be a veritable melting pot of over 100 different ethnic groups coming together to create a unique experience of heritage and tradition. Every monument, cathedral and winding street is enriched by a collection of stories from the island’s colorful past. Best of all, the natives’ love of land and preservation of customs allows visitors a welcoming glimpse at its many treasures.


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