What’s the Allure?

Jamaica is a proud island nation located in the Caribbean Sea and well–known for its superior coffee, diving reefs, and deeply-rooted African heritage. Additionally, its tropical climate and diverse ecosystem provide the scenic island with a healthy abundance of plant and animal life. Visitors wishing to experience all that Jamaica has to offer will be delightfully overwhelmed by the wide variety found here; from wetlands, waterfalls and quaint fishing villages to exciting, cosmopolitan cities.

Points of Interest

As with many destinations, visitors can find a number of interesting museums and monuments to commemorate Jamaica’s history. This said, in honor of its wonderful natural resources, travelers may be curious to visit the Old Tavern Coffee Estate, producers of the only licensed estate coffee maker on the island and the Frome Sugar-Processing Factory – a 1930’s historical reminder of Jamaica’s colorful past.

Nature can equally be enjoyed by visiting the celebrated Dunn’s River Falls – considered by many to be the most beautiful waterfall in the world as well as the Blue Lagoon (made famous by the movie of the same name) and picturesque coves –where friendly dolphins await your company.

Jamaican cuisine consists of a well-balanced mix of local cooking techniques and flavors combined with influences from Spain, the UK, Africa, and China. Furthermore, its tropical climate and close proximity to the sea provides the island with a healthy abundance of seafood, game meat and fruit. Popular dishes include salty codfish, curry goat stew, fried plantains, spicy beans, and patties – easily enjoyed with a festive Jamaican rum cocktail.

The legendary Reggae vibe is ever-present when the sun goes down. Bars and nightclubs cater to boisterous crowds wishing to party into the late hours at the capital city of Kingston or the energetic beach strips of Montego Bay and Port Antonio.


As to be expected, water sports rule supreme in Jamaica. Favorite activities include diving, jet-skiing, kayaking, and glass-bottom boat rides. For those travelers that prefer to be active on land, there are plenty of organized tours available to discover the enchantment of the surrounding landscape. Horseback riding trails and golfing are other popular options.

 Why We Love it:

Jamaica’s mystical appeal traces back to its African roots and tropical island beauty. Once arrived, guests are prompted to forget their worries as they are truly experiencing a vacation paradise. A few days in, when guests have had time to assimilate and surrender themselves to

the wondrous laid-back atmosphere, they soon realize that life flows like this year-round in this inviting magical haven.

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