Shopping does not distract you anymore and you want to enjoy your free time otherwise. You fell well, we had fun making the list of the best possible outdoor sports activities to be done on weekends. Whether it’s rain or shine, rain or shine, you’ll find something out that’s right for you here. Dear athletes, you will enjoy!

Doing outdoor activities is stimulating for your mood, good for your health and can often be entertaining. According to a University of Michigan study, group walks in the wild are linked to improved mental health and positivity, as well as significantly lower levels of depression and feelings of stress. It only remains for you to test the outdoor activities that we propose in our top.

Top outdoors sports activities to do

Summer tobogganing

outdoor sports activities

Many of our ski resorts have already installed summer toboggan runs to increase their activity during the summer season. The summer sled will allow you to find the gliding sensations of your last winter sports holidays. Each slider can go at his own pace and stroll in the middle of trees or meander the track, each driver manages his speed through his braking. We love!

Be aware that children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult.

Small Paddle Tour

outdoor sports activities

Here is an activity that is back to the taste of the day. Yes then, you can imagine, to practice this activity you must obviously be close to a water point and this is the only negative point we find in this activity. Everyone can practice it, from 7 to 77 years old. On the other hand, many athletes like this activity because it is a way to stay in shape on days without waves and to discover new sensations of gliding. You will quickly be seduced by this nautical activity. To your paddles!

Rafting trips

outdoor sports activities

The descent rafting will guarantee you sensations strong! Rafting allows you to refresh yourself while having an adrenaline rush so book your rafting trip with friends right now. Go on a free ride, a safe adventure to explore the world of rivers. To your paddles! It is one of the best outdoor sports activities.

MTB course

outdoor sports activities

The sports mountain bike is not limited to walks in the woods. It makes it possible to traverse rough terrain, with slope and technical obstacles. With the exception, it is not advisable to associate children under 10 – 12 years to these outings, unless they are really comfortable and they have suitable experience. No worries about the equipment, you will find, frequently in the mountain and in particular in the ski resort, hirings of material.

Paragliding flight

outdoor sports activities

During a tandem paragliding flight with an instructor, the passenger has only one concern: to enjoy the joys of free flight. It is for this reason that we appreciate paragliding. This aerial activity is accessible to all and at any age. The only constraint concerns the weight of the passenger, which must be between 30kg and 90kg maximum. Flying in paragliding does not require any preparation or special aptitude, just the desire and a light run for flying and landing. Discover the world from above!

A game of Paintball

outdoor sports activities

Paintball is a team sport that confers many benefits to people who practice it, including very good health. Paintball is a form of exercise that can help prevent some high-risk diseases while still being fun. To make the most of the virtues of this sport, it is important to have the appropriate equipment and accessories (these are usually offered on-site). It is one of the best outdoor sports activities.

You do not doubt it but… Playing Paintball can help a person burn calories faster and avoid weight gain. All the more reason to love this activity.


outdoor sports activities

Climbing is a sport that develops many physical qualities including flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination. Each path posing a problem to solve, it develops more concentration, patience and it is very playful.

In addition to this, climbing develops self-confidence and of course the other to whom we sometimes entrust our lives! One learns to master one’s body and mind, essential for making decisions and evolving.

Physically, climbing tones the entire body with a little extra for the arms, shoulders, and back that are muscling quickly. Without even realizing it, we do a lot of work on his abs. Guts guaranteed during first sessions! But no panic, with the experience you learn to save yourself. If you are dizzy or afraid of emptiness, we advise you to skip this activity.

Rando photos

If you like to take photos just grab a backpack, a bottle of water, and your camera to go for a ride. Explore, discover and photograph! This activity is inexpensive (from the moment you are equipped with a quality camera) and very entertaining. Whether in the forest, in the mountains or in the countryside you will be in perfect communion with nature, what is disoriented and fill up with good energy. This is the moment to praise the landscapes of your region, post us your best photos on the social networks with the #marandophotos.

A Canyoning day

outdoor sports activities

This sport consists of progressing in the bed of a stream whose flow goes from low to important, in the portions where they walk in gorges or narrow ravines. It is one of the best outdoor sports activities.

Most often, a canyoning course follows the stream and the direction of flow of the water. It is mainly done on foot, but also by swimming or using rope progression techniques, especially abseiling. This activity guarantees you thrills in an absolutely beautiful setting. Sport and nature


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