What’s the Allure?

Paris, known to many as the eternal “City of Lights” welcomes a remarkable 42 million visitors a year. This fact makes this capital city (the largest in France) the most visited destination in Europe. Paris is world-famous for its culture, fashion, and art scenes as well as its cuisine and architecture. It features no less than four UNESCO World Heritage sites and has been celebrated over the centuries thanks to notable historical figures. Today, visitors can enjoy all this town has to offer: high-end restaurants, iconic landmarks, top-rated museums, and active cultural experience.

Points of Interest

Paris is home to some of the most famous monuments in the world, many of which are found in and around the heart of the city. The Louvre, with its vast collection of over 3,000 works of art, offers evening hours on Wednesdays and Fridays for those with little time to spare. The iconic Eiffel Tower is a “must-see” experience, especially its dazzling evening lights display.

Eating and shopping are favored pastimes in Paris. There are restaurants and shops to suit all tastes and budgets. The St Germain district offers stylish boutiques and equally quaint eateries while the trendy Le Marais district features edgier designers and quirky flavors. On the historic Champs Elysees Avenue, visitors can shop in the popular name brands’ stores, grab a bite to eat and then dance the night away at neighboring hotspots.


Paris is most definitely a walking city. Aside from the many walking tours on offer, visitors are encouraged to “get lost” in a maze of small, winding streets around the city. Exercise enthusiasts will delight in the number of public parks available where locals make room for bikers, runners and rollerbladers. Befitting a large cosmopolitan city, those who prefer to stay indoors will find plenty to do; yoga, dance, cooking classes, and wine tasting are amongst the most popular activities.

Why We Love it

Paris truly is for lovers; lovers of food and wine, lovers of romance, lovers of art. The list goes on. You’ll find all the very best offerings here whether your goal is to walk the fashionable avenues hand in hand or spend some alone time reading in a local café whilst sipping on a strong espresso. Despite its many visitors and enduring popularity, Paris continues to retain its charming romantic appeal. It’s a city that offers all the modern conveniences whilst still paying tribute to its glorious past.

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